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Sony Expects PlayStation VR Library To Nearly Double By The End Of 2018

by Jelani James


It seems that this year will be a big one for the PlayStation VR, as Sony has revealed that it expects the amount of titles on the platform to nearly double by the end of 2018.

This estimate was made in the midst of an interview with Japanese newspaper Nikkei, with Sony saying that the jump from 150 to 280 titles — representing an 80 percent increase — is possible due to the strong sales the PlayStation VR had in 2017 (surpassing 2 million in total), thus allowing game companies to have an easier time developing PS VR titles.

Indeed, 2017 was the year that Sony started to see serious success with the PlayStation VR.

Initially released in Oct. 2016, the PS VR was poised to be Sony’s great foray into the next big thing in gaming — virtual reality. And while it did find some success with titles such as Job Simulator and Batman: Arkham VR early on, it lacked the support of (more) major developers to help make the platform a success. This changed at the start of 2017 with “surprise “success of Resident Evil 7 which was later bolstered by DLC, as well as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR.

Now, it seems that Sony is poised to accomplish what it set out to do from the beginning — own the number one platform for virtual reality. Not only was the price of the PS VR reduced in October to make the platform more accessible to a wider audience, but apps such as Theater Room VR will make it amiable for activities outside of gaming as well.

Sony did say that it expects 2018 to top 2017 and it appears PlayStation VR will play a part in that.

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