Attack of the Fanboy

Sony and Gaikai to team up for backwards compatibility in the cloud

by William Schwartz


It had been rumored that Sony was close to a deal with cloud based gaming company, Gaikai.  Today, new details have come to light that give the PlayStation 3 full backwards compatibility with PS2 and PS1 titles by utilizing Gaikai’s data streaming solutions.

According to inside sources of Games Industry, the Gaikai service will offer first party titles ( a possible PS Plus feature?)  and offer third party publishers the opportunity to sell older titles to players.  A recent rash of HD remakes  has definitely proven that players still have penchant for nostalgia when it comes to putting down cash for older titles with minor improvements.

The interesting part is whether or not players will have to pay again, for games that they may already own.  It’s unclear what the specifics are, if these rumors turn out to be true.  If so, it’s likely better labeled as a streaming market place initiative than “backwards compatibility”.

Gaikai will be at E3 this year, and claims to have a big announcement on the way.  Could this be it?  We’ll hear more soon enough.

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