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Sony plans to implement the PSN Pass on All PS3 Exclusives

by William Schwartz


It was recently revealed that Uncharted 3 will feature the PSN Pass to access the online content of the game.  This is a trend that Sony has been following for a handful of exclusive titles beginning earlier this year, and more recently the publisher made it clear that they intend to implement the PSN Pass on all future SCEA Studios games with online functionality.

The blanket statement was made with little clarification at this point, as to if all really meant every single game from here on out.

The PSN Pass is much like the online passes used by other publishers, and is included in all new copies of the games.  The pass is a one time use code that must be entered to access certain features of a game.  SOCOM 4, Resistance 3, and other PS3 games implemented similar features to access some if not all of the online content included in the game.  The verdict is still out on whether gamers appreciate the online pass.  While it doesn’t offer any real benefit to the consumer, it is in effort for the publishers to combat the evil purchasers of used games.

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