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Sony Sold 14.8 Million PS4 Consoles In Fiscal Year 2014

by Damian Seeto


Sony has revealed its financial report for the fiscal year of 2014. It has been a very successful year for the PS4 and Sony’s gaming department.

As an overall company, Sony lost 126 billion yen. The other departments in the company aren’t performing well, but the gaming department managed to bring in 18.1 billion yen (110 million USD). This is thanks to the strong performance of the PS4 console itself, increase in PS4 software sales and network services revenue.

The last part about the increase in network services revenue includes the number of PlayStation Plus subscriptions. It also includes PSN sales among other things. With PS4 online multiplayer tied to PlayStation Plus, this has obviously allowed Sony to earn more revenue in that field.

For the fiscal year of 2014, Sony managed to sell over 14.8 million PS4 consoles. Sony’s last report said it has sold over 17.9 million PS4 consoles since launch. This number is sure to increase even higher later this year.

3.3 million Sony portable consoles were sold during the fiscal year of 2014 as well. They didn’t specify the exact number of PSP and PS Vita units sold though. It’s more than likely the PS Vita sold better than the old PSP.

Sony has raised its forecast for fiscal year of 2015 and expects to sell 16 million PS4 more consoles.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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