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Did Sony’s Conference At CES 2016 Reveal Release Date Or Price For PlayStation VR?

by Dean James


The era of VR is soon to be upon us with the likes of Oculus VR and PlayStation VR coming. After no details on pricing or a release date from Sony at PSX, many expected more details of that sort at CES during Sony’s conference.

PlayStation VR supposedly is coming in 2016, with some reports in the past saying it would be coming in the first half of the year. However, many opportunities like E3 last year and PSX came and went without any more information about pricing or release details.

When it was revealed that Sony was having a conference at CES, it seemed possible that PlayStation VR could play a major part with other segments of Sony’s company struggling in recent years, but the conference brought nothing but disappointment for those waiting for PlayStation VR announcements.

We did get a trailer for Sony that showed a good bit of PlayStation in it, including upcoming games and even some focus on PlayStation VR, but no further details were provided beyond what we already have seen in the past.

Technically, we could get these kind of details during CES 2016 otherwise, but it is very unlikely as you would think they would want to showcase that during their own conference. At this point, it’s looking more like we could be getting a reveal event like we did for PS4 around February, unless they truly wait for E3.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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