Attack of the Fanboy

Sony’s PS4 philosophy is becoming clearer

by William Schwartz


Killzone Shadowfall was more than enough to whet the whistles of shooter fans when Sony announced the PS4 back in February.  Despite the first person shooter genre’s burgeoning popularity in recent years, Sony showcased a number of different gaming experiences that are possible in the next-generation.   Mark Cerney’s Knack, Infamous: Second Son, Witness, and others stood in the spotlight, while the most popular franchises like Call of Duty and Battlefield were nowhere to be found.

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida explains in a recent interview with Edge Magazine why the company chose to focus on many different types of experiences, instead of only the most popular shooter titles.

We hate to see all the PS4 games being FPS or action-adventure

“We hate to see all the PS4 games being FPS or action-adventure or very photorealistic… We know that people like these games, but these are not the only kinds of games that people can have fun with,” said Yoshida.

Sony’s first party line-up this generation has been well-balanced to say the very least.  They’ve offered fans the popular shooters and action-adventure titles that the masses crave, but it looks like Sony is completely content to keep offering new types of gaming experiences to players that want to deviate from what’s currently popular.

These comments from Yoshida are the second time we’ve heard from Sony that the PS4 is for more than just shooters.  It’s beginning to look like a company-wide philosophy for the next-gen.  Earlier this month, Sony’s Andrew House echoed the statements that Yoshida made recently, saying that the key for the PS4 “is to have people with different sensibilities creating different games…It’s not all about shoot ’em up games.”

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