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Phil Spencer Says Early Scorpio Unit Plays Great In First Experience With Games

by Dean James


The Xbox One released back in 2013 and has since got a revision with the Xbox One S, but the major leap this generation is set to arrive later this year with the Scorpio. Microsoft has been very tight lipped about the Scorpio itself, but the head of Xbox has now gotten a chance try out his first games on it and has given his thoughts.

While there were plenty of rumors swirling around before the Xbox One conference at E3 2016, Microsoft ended the conference with a video unveiling the Scorpio. At that time, details were given about the specs for the console, but nothing was shown besides CG rendered footage of the innards of the system and the announcement that it was coming later in 2017.

Xbox head Phil Spencer has given teases about the system since that time in interviews and such, but now he has tweeted that he has finally played some games on an early Scorpio unit.

“Great day, Scorpio update w/ team. Played my first games on early Scorpio unit. Games played great, console looked right, proud of the team”

Obviously, Spencer wouldn’t have tweeted anything negative about the system after trying it out with games, but the fact they have the build with games that they felt was good enough for Spencer to try out is promising.

The Scorpio is definitely going to be very interesting to keep up with throughout 2017, as it will be quite the leap for the Xbox One from all reports. The PS4 Pro came out last year as an improvement on the PS4, including the ability to play games at 4K, but the Scorpio is going to be a good bit more powerful than that. Price will be one of the biggest question marks though, so we can’t wait to get more details about the system likely at E3 this year, if not sooner.

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