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Spider-Man PS4 Is Being Worked On By Insomniac’s Biggest Ever Team

by Damian Seeto


Insomniac Games mentioned a few weeks ago that Spider-Man PS4 was being worked on by a very large team. Now the studio has confirmed that the game has the biggest team the studio has ever assembled.

Insomniac Games tweeted: “We have our largest team ever working on it“. This is quite significant as the studio has been responsible for making a lot of games over the years.

They’ve worked on many famous franchises such as the Spyro series as well as the Resistance trilogy for the PS3. Not to mention they’ve worked on basically every Ratchet & Clank game and even Sunset Overdrive.

Spider-Man PS4 needs all of the extra manpower mainly because it is the first fully-fledged sandbox game that Insomniac Games will be making. They have to recreate New York City in all its glory plus animate pedestrians and think of side-missions to implement.

There’s a lot of anticipation over the game mainly because Marvel has creative control over it. It will have an original story and will focus on an older Peter Parker. It won’t be related to the MCU series of movies.

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