Spielberg Wants ‘Halo’ Movie Adapted From The Novels

by Bill Hess
Halo 5 Guardians Free

From the land of Sweeet!, Steven Spielberg is involved in the ” Halo film project”.  What Halo film project you might ask?

Well, the one that is proverbally rising from the dead like a zombie in a mad search for the brains of Americans between the ages of 8 – 30.  Spielberg, is reportedly looking to adapt the novels as the source material for the movie and is working with Dreamworks to get the movie done.

Having been such a clustf*ck in other attempts to get a movie done from the Halo universe, this time it sounds so different doesn’t it?

Update:  Turns out this never happened.  Instead, Microsoft Studios started making their own live-action Halo movies instead.  As the series moved from Bungie to 343 live action movies became a real focal point for the company for a brief period of time.  While that trend has started to calm down in 2017, never say never…

- This article was updated on July 13th, 2021