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Splatoon Finally Gets Much Awaited Release Date

by Dean James


Nintendo surprised us all at last year’s E3 with the announcement of the brand new IP Splatoon. Taking the popular shooter genre and making it more family oriented is a task that only Nintendo could pull off. We’ve known for a little while that Splatoon would be coming sometime in May, but now Nintendo has used their latest Nintendo Direct to reveal the exact day.

Splatoon will be launching exclusively for Wii U on May 29th. This falls along with Nintendo’s release schedule of having a major release in late May, just like with Mario Kart 8 last year. This is a perfect release time with it falling just when most kids are about to get out of school, whether in the young crowd or even up through college. This is one game that I definitely can’t wait to get my hands on next month when it releases.

Splatoon looks like it is going to be an absolute blast to play when it releases, so it is good to finally have an official release date for the game. This is only the beginning with today’s Nintendo Direct, so make sure to stay tuned for all of the other reveals that have come.

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