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Splatoon Nintendo Direct Coming May 7th

by Kyle Hanson


Nintendo has announced that they will be airing a Splatoon specific Nintendo Direct presentation on May 7th at 10am Eastern, 7am Pacific. The event will be streamed in all the usual places, so check back here for those links or the live stream the day of. This Nintendo Direct comes just three weeks before Splatoon officially launches on Wii U, so expect a lot of new information, and a game that is already close to being finished with development.

Splatoon has been a very highly anticipated game ever since its initial unveiling at E3 2014. The game is a team-based third person shooter that uses ink, instead of bullets. Players control an Inkling, which is a character that can transform from a human into a squid. In squid form, players are able to swim through their team’s ink, covering ground quickly, getting to otherwise impossible areas, or hiding to surprise enemies. The game will feature online multiplayer which focuses on map control over racking up kills.

With the recent announcement, and sale of Splatoon themed Amiibo many fans are hoping to get a better look at what they will do and how they will work in-game. So far we know that the Amiibo will unlock special missions, but little has been shared as far as specifics. It would also be nice to get some more information regarding Splatoon’s single player campaign. A few screenshots and snippets of video have been shared, but a more robust look would be great for fans.

Splatoon launches on May 29th exclusively for Wii U.

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