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Splatoon Sells Over 1 Million Copies Worldwide, Becomes 10th Wii U Game to Hit Milestone

by Kyle Hanson


Nintendo has announced that their newest IP, Splatoon has already sold over a million copies across the globe. The game has been out for less than a month, launching on May 29th, making this a major achievement for the new series. According to various sources this makes Splatoon the 10th title to sell over a million copies on the Wii U, which currently sits at an estimated install base of just under 10 million.

Nintendo sort of went all in on Splatoon, with advertisements appearing on TV and in stores across the US and other territories. They even held special events, such as one in California that had players shooting each other with colored water. Given that it was a new IP, and a unique take on the shooter genre, this was a fairly big gamble, but it seems to have paid off with today’s news.

Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime spoke of the news, saying “this milestone puts us in a nice position as we prepare to launch 11 more exclusive Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games before the end of the year, plus amiibo, digital offerings and games from our third-party partners.”

As far as the breakdown for where these sales came from, 476,000 were in the US, 368,000 in Japan, 230,000 in Europe, and  20,000 were sold in Australia and New Zealand. These figures come straight from Nintendo, so they account for both digital and physical retail sales.

Splatoon is available now on Wii U, you can check out our review or our video rundown of the game right here.

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