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Splatoon Updates Continuing, New One Coming Next Week

by Kyle Hanson


Splatoon famously received quite a bit of updates, giving it a bunch of new content that really kept fans excited and interested in the game. However, Nintendo was clear that those updates would end with 2015. While fans were upset, it was understandably, as the game had been out for months, and received a ton of updates. But it’s time to get excited once again, as Nintendo revealed during today’s Direct that updates would continue.

A new one is already planned to arrive in Splatoon on March 8th, bringing some adjustments to the game, and updates for matchmaking, among other things. That won’t be all that Nintendo does to update Splatoon in 2016 though.Two more updates are planned for later this year adding new weapon sets, including the Wasabi Splattershot, Fresh Squiffer, and Berry Splattershot Pro.

There will also be some other alterations to the game that are a bit smaller than just adding weapons. Splatoon will now give you some options for what weapons to choose, with weapon sets being presented to you by the weapon shop owner. These will be popular combos, but also some “underrated” ones. Hopefully this adds even more weapon variety to an already diverse game.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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