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Square Enix Hopes Final Fantasy XV Can Exceed Final Fantasy 7

by Damian Seeto


Square Enix is setting a very high bar for itself as it wants Final Fantasy XV to have the same type of impact that Final Fantasy 7 did back in 1997.

Hajime Tabata had a chance to be interviewed by Game Informer magazine (via Gamespot) where he explained more about Final Fantasy XV and Square Enix’s aspirations for it.

Tabata said: There are some team members that were here for VII. They’re taking on the challenge of trying to exceed that title once more, which is a great motivator for them. VII sets a very high goal for us, but it serves as a good goal. It brought in new audiences, sales, and more

Final Fantasy 7 is revered by many to be the best game of the entire series. There is a reason why so many people were happy that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is finally getting made. For Final Fantasy XV to match or exceed that game will be an impressive feat.

Tabata also mentioned in the same interview that he hopes many people will cry while playing Final Fantasy XV. The game has an emotional ending and he hopes gamers that have played it for so many hours are moved by it.

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