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Star Citizen Has Not Had a Good Week – Executive Producer Leaves, FPS Module Delayed Indefinitely

by Kyle Hanson


The ridiculously successful crowd-funded game Star Citizen has been the subject of endless doom-and-gloom rumors, speculation, and high expectations. The game has garnered a massive following, resulting in over $84 million in funding, direct from the fans. However, this last week has not been a good one for the burgeoning space simulator.

It started last Monday with the announcement that the first-person shooter module for the game would be delayed indefinitely. The way Star Citizen is being built is quite unique, with each element of the game being sectioned off into modules, with the end goal being to combine them together into the ultimate scifi universe simulator.

Currently the only modules available are the Hangar and Dog-Fighting ones, allowing players to look at their purchased ships, and use certain ones to combat each other in an open arena. Three modules were due this year, the FPS one, a planetary social module, and the first episode of the single player campaign. However, the release dates for these have been passed, and we ultimately received official confirmation that the FPS module was delayed due to technical difficulties.

These delays point to trouble within the development studio, which has only been further indicated with today’s reveal that Star Citizen Executive Producer Alex Mayberry has left the project as of last month. Mayberry joined Cloud Imerium, the developer of Star Citizen, back in 2013 after working for Blizzard for ten years. His departure is quite unnerving for the community given his high profile status, as well as the long amount of development time left on the project.

Star Citizen continues to be a crowdfunding darling, raising more and more funds every day, but users are beginning to worry about the future. Has creator Chris Roberts overstretched himself and his team in the creation of this grand vision, or are these merely stepping stones on the path to success? Let us know what you think of Star Citizen’s huge success, potential, and possible downfall in the comments below.

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