Star Citizen Prices To Rise In Europe Due To VAT

by AOTF Staff
star citizen

Cloud Imperium Games has just announced that due to opening international community arm within the European Union, the tax on all goods will soon change.

The VAT on all purchasable goods, including digital items, will soon change for players within the EU. This means that ships and game packages will rise if purchased with real world money. The “in-game” store, Voyager Direct where players can use credits to purchase weapons and items, such as posters, fish or The Lamp, will be unaffected by this change.
Star Citizen is the world record breaking Triple A space simulator, which aims to match its tagline of BDSSE or Best Damn Space Sim Ever! Gamers can buy game packages which allow them to play the current build of the game, early alpha, and receive updates when new content is released. Two modules are already available the Hanger module and Arena Commander. Soon a social element and first person shooting modules will be launched.

The reason from bringing in the changes, that have resulted in the VAT, is to bring more regional customer service operations. This should allow the company to fix issues for EU players quicker than is currently possible, while working in different time zones. An announcement on the Roberts Space Industries website does however offer more good news. Wave 2 ships and a “selection of limited edition” ships will be available for a short time from January 26th until February 1st. This can allow those still wanting to upgrade to get their purchases in before the increase in price due to tax.