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Star Fox Zero Release Date Set for April 2016

by Kyle Hanson


During today’s Nintendo Direct it was finally revealed that Star Fox Zero will have a firm release date of April 22nd, 2016. Previously, the game had a fairly unfortunate delay, pushing it out of the holiday 2015 window and into early 2016. Nintendo usually doesn’t set such firm dates until they are ready though, so expect to be piloting your Arwing come next April.

Along with the release date came some more info about the game, including just how important the vehicles will be in Star Fox Zero. Nintendo’s Bill Trinen went into detail about how each vehicle will work, and even how the Arwing will transform into its two-legged version, which was previously shown off a bit at E3 2015.

This news is great for series fans who have felt that the vehicles have become too small a part of the franchise in previous games. Star Fox Adventure was essentially an RPG instead of the usual action title, and even games that were meant to return the series to form put players on the ground as regular characters. It seems like Nintendo won’t be making that same mistake this time around.

Star Fox Zero will hit Wii U on April 22nd, 2016.

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