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Star Fox Zero Won’t Have Content Locked Behind Amiibo Figures

by Damian Seeto


Some good news has been revealed about Star Fox Zero. There won’t be any content locked in the game that forces you to buy an Amiibo figure.

With some Nintendo games, some content is not available unless you buy a compatible Amiibo figure. Thankfully, nothing will be locked in Star Fox Zero.

Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed this recently with Kotaku. Star Fox Zero content will be fair to everyone it sounds like.

Miyamoto said “in terms of being able to unlock content” in Star Fox Zero using Amibo figures, he doesn’t want to “go down that path“. He said Amiibo figure buyers will be getting “something extra” instead.

For Amiibo figure buyers, they could get an extra skin for the Arwing in Star Fox Zero. They will not be getting something that will change the game such as “actual abilities” or something of that nature.

Miyamoto also said he’s not interested in locking away content or not including a mode if somebody doesn’t have an Amiibo figure. Buyers of Star Fox Zero will be happy to know they will be getting a full game. You don’t need an Amiibo figure to get the full experience.

This is something all publishers should think about. Some gamers were annoyed this week about the Red Bull/Destiny promotion

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