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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Won’t Let You Land Vehicles and More Details

by Kyle Hanson


Star Wars Battlefront 2 is finally officially revealed, with EA and DICE presenting the world with a new trailer and some important details. However, some of the biggest announcements from Star Wars Celebration in Orlando were kept behind closed doors. YouTuber Jackfrags attended one of these closed door Q&A sessions and has reported back with a lot of new details about the upcoming shooter. This includes the unfortunate fact that space battles won’t allow you to land or change vehicles, along with many more. Check out the video below, or read on for some of the highlights.

We’ve seen a lot of the bigger changes that are coming with Star Wars Battlefront 2, such as a brand new single player campaign, with a robust storyline. Along with this, it seems that DICE has totally reworked the shooting mechanics that underpin the game, making the gunplay feel more refined and varied. Differences have been added in between hip firing, down-sights, first-person, and third-person, and players will be able to customize their weapons in some ways, according to Jackfrags.

We already knew that classes would be playing a larger role in Star Wars Battlefront 2, but it goes even deeper than that. Players will also be able to upgrade their various classes in different ways, making for some interesting variety among the playerbase.

Heroes have also been reworked, making it so that better players have higher chances of becoming a hero character. In the last game the hero just spawned on the map as a pickup, so anyone could become a hero. Now it will be tougher to become the hero, but better players will be rewarded for their play.

But the big news is definitely the vehicle changes, especially with the new space battles that many missed in the previous title. Players will now choose vehicles to spawn into on the respawn screen, instead of finding them on the map. However, players will not be able to land and get out, as they can in the Battlefield series, and could in the original Battlefront games. This will change space battles a lot, but we’ll see how much when Star Wars Battlefront 2 hits PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 11th.

SECRET GAMEPLAY DETAILS – Star Wars Battlefront 2

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