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Rumor: Star Wars Battlefront 2 May Have PSVR Content

by Dean James


Star Wars Battlefront 2 was a no doubter following the major success of the first game of this reboot of the series and the ongoing popularity of Star Wars. It was officially announced during Star Wars Celebration recently, though it was leaked beforehand. The first game introduced VR content a year after its launch for PSVR and now it looks like that may be the case again.

When previously asked about the potential of VR content in Star Wars Battlefront, people involved with the game simply stated they weren’t talking about VR at that point. However, the latest PlayStation newsletter may have inadvertently revealed that there will be some sort of it.


As provided by a few posters on NeoGAF, the latest PlayStation newsletter release in Europe included something interesting in an ad for Star Wars Battlefront 2. According to the initial poster that received the Danish newsletter, it includes the following image on the right for the game.

You might think this could have just been an error in the Danish newsletter, but another poster confirmed that the German newsletter said the same thing. Even with that though, this could easily just be a mistake. You would think that EA and DICE would want to keep this a secret until it’s announced. However, with the success of the VR mission last year for the first game, it makes sense they would add one here as well.

Considering that this game is coming out later this year and already has pre-order costumes for The Last Jedi, it’s possible we could see VR missions of some sort based on that movie. On the other hand, if the VR mission is coming later, like with the original game, maybe we could see something themed around the Han Solo spinoff movie that is set to release next May. Perhaps that is something we’ll learn more about at E3 this year during Sony’s conference if this is in fact legitimate.

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