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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Progression Redesign To Release on March 21st

by William Schwartz


Star Wars Battlefront 2’s progression system has been a work in progress since the game launched late last year.  Today, EA has announced that the redesigned progression system for the game will launch on March 21st.

The update will make Star Wars Battlefront 2’s progression linear, according to DICE.  Anything that impacts gameplay will be unlocked through gameplay and will not be available for purchase, according to a recent blog post on the game’s website.

Players will earn experience points for the classes, heroes, and shops that they play with in multiplayer.  Earning experience points with specific units will unlock Skill Points that can be used to unlock or upgrade Star Cards.  It seems that entire Loot Box system has been scrapped in this redesign.  The loot boxes in the game will no longer feature Star Cards and the crates cannot be purchased.  Crates will instead be earned as daily login bonuses, milestone rewards, and by completing challenges.  More importantly, these crates will only feature cosmetic items going forward.  This includes items like emotes and poses.

Following the roll-out of the revamped progression system, it sounds like EA will be monetizing the game with optional microtransactions for skins.  They say that April will be the first shot for players to earn new appearances with either in-game credits or the Crystal currency.

It only four months to get their progression plans in order for Star Wars Battlefront 2.  The good news is, players who’ve been playing the game since November will be able to keep the Star Cards that they’ve earned as well as heroes and weapons.  Look for the update on March 21st, with more next month on the cosmetic front.

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