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Star Wars Battlefront Beta was the Biggest in EA History

by Kyle Hanson


With over 9.5 million players across PS4, PC, and Xbox One, the Star Wars Battlefront Beta was the biggest in EA history. To celebrate this enormous feat EA has released a bunch of stats, going over almost every aspect of the beta. The most telling are the number of players, but also the sheer amount of time that those players put in.

1.6 billion minutes was spent inside the Star Wars Battlefront Beta, amounting to the same time it would take to watch the entire original trilogy 4.2 million times over. Inside of those games, players spawned as the hero/villain for their team a combined 11,842,954 times. Split out, that comes to 5,938,148 Darth Vader spawns and 5,904,806 for Luke Skywalker. Those Darth Vaders accounted for 1,379,319 Force Chokes on Rebel players.

And for those that thought the Empire had a huge upper hand in the Battle of Hoth, take solace in the fact that 783,392 AT-AT Walkers were destroyed by Rebel forces. How often this led to an actual Rebel victory wasn’t shared though.

As far as what players chose to use in the game, the top three cards used by players were the Cycler Rifle, Thermal Detonator, and Jump Pack, with the Cycle Rifle being ahead by almost double. Out of the 9.5 million players, 6 million achieved the top rank of five from the beta.

Star Wars Battlefront hits PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 17th.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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