Star Wars Battlefront Has No Instant Action Like Battlefront 2

by Damian Seeto
Star Wars: Battlefront Trailer

The Instant Action mode that was popular in Battlefront 2 will not be returning in Star Wars: Battlefront.

Instead, Star Wars Battlefront from EA and DICE will be offering something different called “Star Wars Battlefront” missions. Not a lot of information on this mode has been revealed just yet.

The game’s designer, Dennis Brannvall, just mentioned on Twitter that Star Wars Battlefront has no “instant action”. However, the game has the Star Wars missions “where you can play against bots”.

An EA Community Manager confirmed this on Reddit:

“As Dennis outlined, we will not offer Instant Action as defined in Battlefront 2. We will offer Star Wars Battlefront Missions. We will provide more details in the coming months ahead.”

This is somewhat disappointing news as the “Instant Action” mode from Battlefront 2 was amazing. It allowed you to pick any level you want where you can battle lots of bots. It was a fast and fun way to play the game, even though you weren’t connected online.

Hopefully these “Star Wars Missions” in Star Wars Battlefront is a great alternative. The EA Community Manager answered a lot of concerned fans on Reddit after he made the announcement. He urged fans to wait for more details before they cancel their pre-orders or choose not to buy the game.