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Star Wars Battlefront Offline Mode And Death Star DLC Detailed

by Mike Guarino


Developer DICE has revealed that some big news for Star Wars Battlefront, detailing the offline mode and the Death Star DLC. The offline mode is called Skirmish and will be available across all platforms on July 20th, whereas the Death Star DLC is coming in September.

Skirmish will allow players to play against bots in a solo mission or with a friend via co-op split screen. Two different difficulty options will be included with the mode, with DICE’s intention being that players find a new way to enjoy the game.

As for the Death Star expansion, we don’t have an official release date yet. However, it will be introducing new ground and space maps, as well as new weapons, Star Cards and two new heroes. DICE has not revealed who the two new heroes are yet, though more information is expected soon.

Despite the mixed response that Star Wars Battlefront garnered last year, the game sold very well and a sequel is in the works. The game is set to launch next year and is being developed by DICE in collaboration with Motive.

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