Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass DLC More Expensive Than Full Game Itself In Australia

by Damian Seeto

In Australia, you might be surprised to know that the Season Pass for Star Wars Battlefront has a higher price than the full game in one retailer.

We all know that digital pricing on the PSN is generally more expensive than at physical retail stores outside the USA. The game costs $AUD99.95 on the Australian PSN with the Season Pass priced at $AUD75.95.


However, JB Hi Fi in Australia is selling the actual full Star Wars Battlefront game itself for only $AUD69.00 This is roughly $AUD30 cheaper than the game is on PSN and also $AUD7.00 cheaper than the Season Pass!

It just boggles the mind that a full game now can be priced cheaper than a Season Pass. Granted, only JB Hi Fi is selling the game at the attractive $UAUD69.00. EB Games Australia is still selling Star Wars Battlefront at a much higher $AUD99.95. Still, it’s weird how DLC is becoming more expensive than the base game itself.

It’s not like that over in New Zealand. JB Hi Fi and The Warehouse in New Zealand are selling the game for $89 and $88 respectively. The Season Pass is $79.95 over on the Kiwi PSN. Only Australian gamers seem to be paying more than they should for the Season Pass…