Star Wars: Battlefront Teaser Screenshot Shared

by Damian Seeto

EA and DICE have now shared a teaser screenshot on what the graphics could look like in Star Wars: Battlefront.

The teaser screenshot was shared on both the official EA Star Wars Facebook and Instagram pages. The Star Wars: Battlefront image gives us a close-up look at a Stormtrooper.


Nearly one year ago, EA and DICE revealed an early in-game engine video of Star Wars: Battlefront. Many people that saw the trailer back at E3 2014 were blown away. However, some people were skeptical that the graphics would really look that good.

This teaser screenshot for Star Wars: Battlefront shows a small glimpse of the quality of the graphics. It’s shows the detail of the Stormtrooper character model plus a look at the blaster.

EA and DICE also continue to hype how the actual graphics of Star Wars: Battlefront really looks like. The concept art that was revealed a few months ago looked awesome. However, the EA Star Wars Facebook page says the artwork is just the beginning.


EA Star Wars said:

If you think this artwork is stunning, wait ’til you see more in just 7 days.

It’s actually now just 4 days (as of time of writing) until we see the first gameplay trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront. Hopefully everything lives up to the hype.