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Star Wars: Battlefront Will Not Contain Space Battles

by Kyle Hanson


As we all wait patiently for the Star Wars: Battlefront trailer to hit, more news is flooding out from the few that have gotten to see the actual game. Game Informer is one of those lucky few, and they have written an article explaining a few things about the game. One that stuck out to me and many other Star Wars: Battlefront fans was the part about dogfights and space battles. Essentially it explained that while you will be able to fly your favorite Star Wars ships, they won’t work quite like they did in Battlefront 2.

We bring you the X-Wing, and we bring you the TIE Fighter, but we keep them on the planet’s surface.

“In our game, we want to bring the fantasy of dogfighting to players,” said DICE’s Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir. “We bring you the X-Wing, and we bring you the TIE Fighter, and other air vehicles that you want to fly in and experience, but we keep them on the planet’s surface.” When pressed for more information Ingvarsdottir explained that you will not be able to run around on the ground, jump into an X-Wing, and fly into space like many fans hoped.

There are still space ships, and you can fly them, but they will be stuck inside of the atmosphere of a planet as combat rages below. This seems to also indicate that there won’t be any ship-to-ship combat like there was in Battlefront 2, where pilots could battle between the ships, or board them and take them out from the inside.

Star Wars: Battlefront will have its first trailer debut later today and will be released on November 17th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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