Star Wars: Battlefront’s Graphics Teased To Be Amazing

by Damian Seeto

The new trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront is set to debut next week. DICE has already teased the graphics will blow everyone away.

DICE’s lead level designer, Dennis Brannvall tweeted the following about Star Wars: Battlefront:

I’m going to answer a question in advance: Yes, that is actually what the game looks like.

This is teasing us that the quality of Star Wars: Battlefront’s graphics will be amazing. The trailer is expected to feature actual in-game footage and possible gameplay. If you think the trailer is just all CGI, Brannvall will again remind people that it’s actually the game itself.

Brannvall also confirmed that Jabba the Hutt will not be playable in Star Wars: Battlefront. Someone asked him on Twitter if the Hutt species will be playable. Branvall answered with a “no!” This is obvious since the Hutts are too fat to do any type of combat.

Speaking of Star Wars: Battlefront, DSOGaming got a hold of a production picture for the game. It’s a blurry picture, but you can see a sith of some sort holding a red lightsaber. It’s hard to tell if the figure is Darth Vader, but we can expect to see lightsabers in the new game.

Star Wars: Battlefront comes out later this year for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.