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Starcraft 2 Mod Turns Popular Strategy Game Into a Co-op Third-Person Shooter

by William Schwartz


The PC community is showing its genius once again, this time via an unbelievable mod for Starcraft 2. The futuristic real-time strategy game has had new life breathed into it and can now be experienced in a whole new way. The mod, titled Psionic Warfare: Total Destruction, transforms the sci-fi RTS into a third-person survival shooter for up to four players to play cooperatively. That’s a far cry from the game’s top-down roots.

The stunning mod comes packed with five playable classes, four game modes, four maps, upgradeable Vikings, all-new voice acting and improved graphics to keep things looking fresh with the zoomed in camera. It’s truly a modding achievement worth taking note of, and once again shows off the limitless possibilities created daily by this community. If you’re itching to see just how Starcraft 2‘s genre transformation worked out, check the video below for a quick overview of the conversion.

Assuming the gameplay video has you ready to fire up Blizzard’s 2010 title and experience “total destruction”, you can grab the arena-style mod here. Will you be diving into Starcraft 2 again, or for the first time, to go on a gory shooting spree through this universe? Sound off PC gamers!

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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