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StarCraft Remastered to Receive New Graphic Pack Based on Popular Spoof Series StarCrafts

The game becomes animated this July.

by Alex Levine


If you love playing StarCraft Remastered and are a huge fan of the parody Youtube series StarCrafts, then this is your lucky day. Announced by the studio Carbot Animation, Blizzard has partnered up with them to release a brand new graphic pack for the game where it will look and play exactly like the cute, funny, and quirky animation style that the show is known for.

Along with announcing the Final Season of the long running show, founder Jonathan Burton officially unveiled the new changes during the Korea StarCraft League Finals where it was running with the new animation style, and it looks wonderful. The micromanaging gameplay of StarCraft works perfectly in conjunction of the CarBot animation, and quite frankly, if we didn’t know this was StarCraft Remastered we’d thought this was a brand new game.

According to Burton, the overall development of the new pack took close to two years, working with Blizzard directly over a lengthy process. This is made evident due to making literally everything on screen work with the StarCrafts animations. It’s not just the battles either, the menus, the story campaign, and even the little face shots all have the Carbot finish to them.

For a serious RTS game that many people play with an intense vigor, this takes the load off a bit and makes it a bit more humorous and hard to take it seriously. It’s something new and refreshing for the series, because it’s been a long time since it had any serious content. The StarCraft Remastered StarCrafts Graphics Pack launches on July 10. No price was given for the pack, but we’ll more than likely find out how much cost sooner than later.

You can watch the announcement video here:

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