Steam Deck Verified System Shows How Games Will Run Before You Buy

Valve showcases the Deck Verified feature.

by Gordon Bicker


Steam Deck is getting closer and closer to release with every new piece of information drop, the handheld device is set to start shipping in December this year. Promising a portable PC gaming experience with the ability to play games on the go all while enjoying the very best that Steam has to offer for players. Full fidelity controls, peripheral connections, projection display options for showcasing the device’s image on the big screens, all of this and more is on offer. Recently, details on the Deck Verified system has been revealed by the way of a YouTube showcase video in linking with official website information.

Notably, the Steam Deck boasts a range of storage options for players such as the 64GB eMMC, 256GB NVMe SSD, or a 512GB NVMe SSD depending on which version of the deck players purchase. Following along from this, there will also be a 40Wh battery with an expandable Expandable I/O in terms of specifications for the device itself.

Steam Deck Verified will ensure that games meet specific compatibility standards for the best experience possible. The source of the information links to the video and moreover the official website details. The full Steam catalogue will be reviewed for compatibility. As noted, the following standards are checked rigorously, these are:

  • Input — Checks if there is full controller support, input icons, and that brings up the on-screen keyboard for players if needed.
  • System Support — The checks will ensure that the game is supported by ‘Proton’ and thus will make sure all relevant features work as expected.
  • Seamlessness — This check will make sure there are no general compatibility defects and make sure the launcher itself can be navigated with a controller.
  • Display — Ensures that the game supports the default resolution of Steam Deck which is around 1280×800 and that things such as efficient settings are there along with text that can be read.

Once all of the compatibility checks are performed, there will be one of four icons attached to the game on the Steam store that will indicate how it will run on their device. If there is a green tick, this indicates that the game has passed all compatibility checks and will make for an excellent experience on the deck.

If there is a yellow warning ‘i’/information icon, this means that the game is classed as ‘playable’ but will require extra steps from the player for the best functionality or to make it run in the first place. Something that looks similar to a grey warning symbol on the other hand represents that the game will, unfortunately, be ‘unsupported’ on Steam Deck. A dashed line circle with a question mark icon indicates that the compatibility of that game hasn’t been checked yet.

All of these checks will ensure that you have the best experience possible with the games you play on the device. Will you be picking up the Steam Deck and making use of this feature?

The Steam Deck will start shipping in December for early buyers and fans can expect their shipment in 2022.

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