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Update: Steam is Currently Down for Many Players

| September 8, 2015

Update: Steam is Currently Down for Many Players News PC Gaming  Steam

UPDATE 2: While the original outage was resolved, the store is down as of 4pm Eastern Time on September 9th.

Update: The issues seem to have been resolved by now.

It’s not just you, Valve’s Steam service is currently down for many players worldwide. This means you can probably play your single player games, but getting into multiplayer, or joining up with friends could be tough until they work out the issues. Some users have been able to remain online, and others can still get on, so whatever is causing it is intermittent and random at the moment.

Steam has a few of these every week or so, with the service having intermittent issues for one reason or another. Valve is usually quick to get it back up and running though, so just play some Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain until it comes back.

Unfortunately we usually don’t get any specific cause for the outage, which can last minutes or hours depending on the problem. We’ll keep this article updated with news as it comes out, so check back here if you can’t get on later.

Overall Steam has had a more stable experience than the console services, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, which have been quite infamous for their outages since late last year. While Steam does go down periodically it is usually for a briefer amount of time, and less services are impacted.

Hopefully the current issues are resolved soon and players can get back to their PC gaming ASAP.

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    Well that’s a first.

    Edit: Seems I hurt someone’s feelings or something

    • Allen

      In a month or so. Don’t be a dumb ass PC douch. PC is great but not perfect

      • STRIKE

        Cry me a river kid.

        • Allen

          Bitch Steam had just gone down and was widely reported also you can check steam down tracker there are always some issues. You are the one trying to say it’s never down. I’m a PC gamer too but no need to lie like a douche. Kindly STFU and go fk yourself (again)

          • STRIKE

            Damn that’s a lot of crying. I told you to cry me a river not an ocean lol

          • Allen

            It seems you have trouble accepting the truth. The butt hurt is strong with you.

          • STRIKE

            You keep telling yourself that if it helps you cry less. I’m not the one who got all emotional and lost it at the sight of my comment.

          • Allen

            I called you on your shit and now you from a weak position you are trying to act like I lost my shit over it. I called you on your shit and you just can’t handle it.

          • STRIKE

            Oh I’m handling pretty well, in fact I am calm, unlike you who from the very begging got emotional and starter insulting me.

            You got nothing on me kid, my comment is sarcastic but at the same time true. I know what I meant when I said “Well that’s a first”. Next time before you go all loco on someone count to 10 and speak your mind like an adult not a kid.

            Good day.

          • Allen

            I’m just use to ignorant PC master race fools coming here and trolling about. It was not obvious that you were being sarcastic. Why don’t you just fking say so next time and we could have avoided all of this. And no I’m not upset, I just didn’t feel like being polite SLAM that bitch right down to the ground.

      • ..

        It says right in the article steam almost never goes down and when it does its for less time than its console counter parts so take your keyboard warrior down a notch.
        Your almighty PSN spent half of last weekend off line.

        • Allen

          Hi Steve G. The all mighty xbot douche speaks again!

          • ..

            Is there something seriously wrong with you. Not an xbot just a person that actually knows something. You are a pony through and through. But seriously what about you almighty world’s greatest network with a single data center being down half the weekend?

          • Allen

            (1) You have been proven wrong time and time again.
            (2) You have admitted to lying in your comments just to start an argument.
            (3) I have always listed facts and been open to you challenging and proving otherwise but you always just run, call names or just plain lie as you have admitted to.

            You don’t know shit. You’re team xbox and are one of the biggest butt hurt douche bags I’ve seen.

          • ..

            I’ve never lied or admitted to it. I know what you are referring to. Funny thing is the sky isn’t blue. It just appears that way.

            Funny that you completely ignore any fact I bring up.

            So what happened to your glorious PSN on the weekend. You said it never goes down. What about the horrible download speeds of destiny on PSN on Tuesday?

          • Allen

            There you go lying again.

            (1) I never said PSN never goes down. I said that since the launch of this gen Xbox Live has gone down far more times than PSN.

            (2) I went camping this last weekend and didn’t see any articles about PSN being down and have not commented on it since I don’t know.

            (3) PSN does not have slow download speeds. You may be talking about a particular game or instance but I am not aware of it. XBL suffers just as many if not more issues like that and Steam isn’t perfect either. No network is. All I say is that XBL is the glorious beast ignorant xbots act like it is and is certainly not faster or superior in any way.

          • ..

            I never said it was glorious. What I did say was in my experience with XBL on the same home network as PSN. I find XBL to be a more stable experience overall but most of my PSN experience was on PS3. I said XBL pins my 100mbps Internet connection you say XBL download speeds are horrible and PSN is faster. Given I have way faster than average Internet that XBL pins. Given your inability to respond to basic networking questions. I’m confident your experience in properly setting up a home network is limited to plug an play at best. Yet you claim to have all the facts about how much better PSN is than XBL. You didn’t even know what p2p was until I brought it up. You still think it is as good as a dedicated server.

            So my question to you is were you sodimized by an xbox employee as a child causing all this rage and animosity towards an inanimate object?

            Also I was definitely baiting you. I knew you went camping. I was hoping you would say it worked fine for you. But I didn’t lie there were several outages on PSN over the weekend.

          • Allen

            (1) PSN is faster on PS4, the store opens up almost instantly, background downloads work perfectly, download to play is really fast and installs/updates have been improved.

            So the fact that you are not basing any judgement on anything but last gen experience right there shows how you are spewing lies and disinformation. I have 1st hand experience on Xbox one, I have friends that own them and I have read reviews which is where I pull all my info from.

            (2) WTF you talking about kid? The shit you were talking about that I was unfamiliar with was PS3 architecture, nothing to do with p2p. You are talking about dedicated servers vs p2p and my response was that only a couple of Xbox games use Microsoft dedicated servers. Now going with out of the box router from your internet provider isn’t the best and I agree but I don’t know this shit you are talking about.

            (3) All I’m doing is responding to the xbot douche bags spewing lies and disinformation. Trolls like you with no PS4 online expereince, no research and not bothering with any reviews.

            (4) I don’t lie, I told you that. Also I do not see any articles about PSN being down. All I found was an article saying XBL was down for 360 2 days ago.

          • ..

            It might be. I’m jaded from past experience. Your jaded from no experience.

            You don’t have any experience. Your friend might have dial up Internet. Your friends might be idiot no nothing kids like you.

            I don’t deny xbox has install time problems. Downloads are as fast as they can possibly be.

            You knew nothing about PS3 architecture and you knew nothing about how online gaming really works. I had to explain p2p to you. You had no clue. You also claim dedicated servers don’t matter cause you can’t see anything wrong with p2p.
            I reality p2p is heavily flawed and is the cause of most dropped connections, lag and poor match making times.

            I’m not denying xbox has flaws but playstation is far from perfect and you literally go into a fit of rage any time somebody points it out.

            Using the word Facts does not make what you say fact.

            As for the PSN outage. I googled PSN outage September. Selected news and it was the first article.
            Probably be pretty lost setting up a home network since you have a hard time with Google. But hey Wifi! Blue flag

          • Allen

            (1) I’ve personally played Xbox One at my co-workers house at a 4th of July party he had, I was unimpressed. Other than that I have what he says and what a vendor of mine says who owns both and what research I’ve done online.

            Friend has Charter Cable at 60mbps. Look you attacking again because of your weak position! Classic Xbot.

            (2) Downloads could be faster on XBL and they can do them smarter. Install to play PS4 smokes Xbone.

            (3) You are flat out lying. I admitted that all I knew about PS3 architecture is a bitch to develop for and my hopes that the x86 will make it easier to do backwards compatible in the future.

            I know that PS3 and PS4 have “some” dedicated servers. My judgement there is how smooth, fast and lag free and if you get kicked often. All I can do is point to the FACT that Xbone doesn’t use dedicated servers for almost every single game (only 2 currently do with like 2-3 planned).

            Unless you are saying that all these next gen console games (which outnumber their PC counterparts in sale) are all shit….yeah I didn’t fking think you meant that now did you ya lying fk? LMAO @ your fking ignorance dude.

            (4) Yes PlayStation isn’t perfect. I’ve always pointed out what I’ve disagreed with (mainly how PS3 wasn’t backwards compat, how they didn’t bring it back once prices decreased and how they had to take away features BUT acknowledging that that was out of Sony’s hands due to hackers). I have yet to see anything worth while against Sony from the Xbox camp. While I have a huge list against Xbox…much of which is gone now but that doesn’t change history and future lack of trust.

            (5) My use of the word FACT is backed up. You are the know nothing dumb ass fk that won’t point out anything I say that isn’t a fact. You refuse to engage there because you know you are wrong. You just keep saying what I”m saying isn’t fact but won’t tell me what the flying fk it is that you THINK I’m wrong about.

            (6) Derp another insult. I googled PSN downtime. I don’t have much time so WTFE, I didn’t deny it, I didn’t even comment on it since I knew nothing.

            I find it funny you didn’t comment about XBL outage I mentioned I did find. It’s okay, I know you are losing yet again and are desperate..yet again.

          • ..

            Not sure you know the definition of losing either

          • Allen

            I just called you on your shit and now no response from you!? How typical. Just like I said. You purposely lie just to spew bull shit and start a flame war. When I call you on your shit you run just like you are now.

          • ..

            You really can’t see it can you

          • ..

            1- I don’t care. You have skewed POV

            2- I don’t care. I pre order digital of all games and play them instantly at launch when I choose

            3- I’m not lying you just repeat yourself.
            Sony has not one dedicated server in place for hosting game play unless you count PS Now
            It’s 3 games now with more to Come tech needs to start some where

            4. Lol you trust any company. They only want your money. More proof you Are a child.

            5. Fact fact fact fact fact fact.

            6. Not my fault you don’t know how google search engines work. Comes in very handy when you need to find d information quickly. Knowing what key words to input.
            When did I deny the outage on 360.
            360 total downtime is still nowhere near PS3

            Hahaahahahahaha. So funny that you don’t get it.

          • Allen

            (1) lol it wouldn’t be just my POV. But my friends, my vendors and the various articles I’ve read.

            (2) “You don’t care” YOU. Way to be subjective.

            (3) You do not know that. I’ve seen articles claiming to prove certain games did but like I said if you aren’t being kicked, if you game play is smooth, fast and lag free then why the fk does it matter? Xbone is doing the same thing on almost every single game.

            (4) Yes after 20 years and 4 generations of the best consoles on the market and seeing them support them years upon years the next generation is here, seeing the quality of the consoles, the consumer friendless of the company, how they handled my own hardware issues I freaking trust Sony.

            You probably have trust issues because you are use to Xbox and their shit.

            (5) Again tell me what you disagree with I challenge you to.

            (6) Did I say you denied 360 downtime? I said I found it funny you didn’t mention it. Look kid I don’t give a fk what happened this last weekend or what you think about 360 downtime. Sony was hacked which caused the 3 week downtime, 360 was down due to not having the server capacity which is worse? Better yet let’s look at compensation – 360 gave 1 low ranked game, PS gave 2 high ranked games from list of 5 to choose from, free weekend of HD movie rentals & Month of PS+ (more free stuff). Tell me again about how “good” each company is?

            Enjoy your weekend I’m outta here

          • ..

            Most downtime is caused by hacks

            Facts, Facts, Facts, Facts, WIFI!

          • ..

            How come Mad Max performs better on Xbox One than PS4?

          • Allen

            Still avoiding the challenge I see and what’s this claim? Even if true wow you got ONE. LMAO no no no, I know there was another one like last year or something.

          • ..

            What you don’t understand since you don’t have all the facts like you claim to. Is currently xbox has 15% more CPU than PS4. They are also fully opening the 7th core for gaming which will increase that number more. PS4 already struggles with intensive CPU since DDR5 while higher bandwidth is unstable with high latency. It’s slower but more information at once. Which I was aware of but didn’t realize it was the main cause of PS4 frame drops. I wasn’t aware till recently either that every single PS4 game that claims 60 frames suffers from huge drops in frame rate caused by the DDR5 actually slowing down the CPU. That is why DDR3 and 4 are used for the CPUs normally. Despite the low bandwidth they have very low latency. I hadn’t fully read up on DX12 now that I have. Any multiplat built on it will run equally as good if not better than PS4 due to porting issues. It’s likely most multiplats will be built on it because of the PC performance gains.

          • Allen

            No you are reading into the hype too much and don’t know what you are talking about. PS4 has a much more powerful GPU but it also has a faster CPU to match.

          • ..

            See this is why I ignore your “Facts” . It’s well known xbox has more CPU. Not reading into any hype. You don’t know shit about pc hardware so even if you had the info you couldn’t understand it.

          • Allen

            Simple research will prove you wrong. Xbox will never meet the power output of the PS4. No matter how you try to spin it, no matter how much “hope” you beg and pray for it will never happen. Xbone will always be inferior to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 will do nothing but continue to ground stomp Xbone into the dust. It’s like they are completely different divisions…Xbox isn’t even on the same playing field.

          • ..

            So let’s set xbox performance aside for a second. Since you believe the hype of ps4 and the downplay of Xbox.

            1. Do you deny PS4 has a problem maintaining frame rate especially on 60 fps games? If you do google it and watch youtube. Lots of games well into the 30s and 40s. It is also well know they have games into the teens. Usually resulting in screen tear although on average unless it occurs at 45 fps or less the average person won’t pick up on it.
            Although they have done testing where people can pick up on a single frame out of place when they are being shown at 255 fps.
            So do you deny the frame drops?

            2. Are you aware that PC’s do not use DDR5 for their CPU. Ever, even the most high end gaming PC’s which would be easy to install.

            3. Do you know why they use DDR3 or 4 over DDR5. It has to due with latency. DDR5 while it is capable of very high bandwidth is slow and more suitable for GPU task and not CPU tasks.

            4. Do you understand because of that the CPU is waiting for the DDR5 when it needs the info.

            5. Do you understand that because the DDR5 is used for the CPU ram in a PS4 it actually bottle necks the CPU. GPU runs mint. Couldn’t be happier.

            I have not made any of this up. I know you have problems with Google and actually finding info. Try to find it DDR5 vs DDR3 might be a good search term.
            When you have a grasp on that information I’ll get into the Xbox side.

          • Allen

            Wow so instead of engaging me in discussion about what it is you say I know nothing about you are taking this an entire different direction and instead trying to play off like the PS4 is some how incapable because of DDR5?

            I absolutely disagree with you that PS4 has a problem holding 60fps. Metal Gear, Mortal Kombat, Battlefield there are many games that hold a very steady 60fps frame rate on PS4.

            Please tell me what games you are referring to because I call xbot butt hurt rage bull shit. There are very few titles that have any issues on PS4 and you are probably talking about launch day bull shit. PS4 is more powerful than Xbone and holds a better frame rate in addition to being able to achieve 1080p on almost every single title.

            list the games

          • ..

            I’ll give you half point for Mortal Combat since cut scenes run at 30 and drop frames into the 20’s.
            Occasional frame rate drop of 1 and 2 but it’s not locked at 60, also complaints of frame rate pacing and stutter even if it doesn’t drop.

            Metal Gear Solid drops to 30 and runs in the 40’s and 50’s 5 minutes on you tube will show you that.

            Battlefeild 4 even at 900p drops into the 40’s

            CoD AW and Ghosts into the 40’s and often run in the low 50’s thats without watching the whole video, could be lower.

            Diablo 3 well into the 40’s

            Outlast into the 40’s and 50’s

            Project cars into the 30’s

            Last of Us Low 50’s

            30 frame games run into the teens

            I could go on, so yes even if you don’t want to admit it the PS4 has major frame rate drop issues.
            That is a FACT, you tube proves it, if you don’t want to look it up that’s not my problem.

            Do you want to have a conversation about actual facts. We aren’t talking about xbox, we will get there.

            Do you understand why DDR5 is not optimal for a CPU and causes the CPU to bottle neck?

          • Allen

            Mortal Kombat – What I saw PS4 held near perfect 60fps, Xbone dipped far more.

            Metal Gear – Gameplay was at perfect 60, a cut scene looked to go down to 30 which is weird but went right back to solid 60.oops did dip a little at the end too. PS4’s was better.

            Project cars – Xbone was far worse off

            and bla bla bla more subjective shit. All you need to know is PS4 performs better than xbone. These frame rates you are complaining about are few and far between. PS4 is the most powerful console ever made and almost every single game is native 1080p unlike xbox which rarely can push it.

            Don’t you understand that your precious DDR3 is not going to save your xbox? It will not magically mean Xbox has 60fps solid. DDR5 in the PS4 is very fast and even if it is a bottleneck limiting 60fps that just goes to show how awesome the PS4 is. Even with this they are getting more solid frames on most multi plats in addition to hitting 1080p native while xbox is struggling to get 720p or 900p.

            Why is it you want to talk about technical details and not about what you say it is I was wrong about. I don’t care about these details, I care about native 1080p, better frame rate than Xbone, better and more exclusives on PS4, so much free exclusive content in all the best AAA multi plat games on PS4, the gamer inspired features PS4 has, PS4 quality, speed, Network, subscription, controller, features, cost, capability…all of it! PS4 wins unless you are a casual and just want a gaming platform for when you aren’t watching TV.

          • ..

            We are not talking about xbox yet and your marketing crap we will get there. You go off on these tangents but nothing gets accomplished you are not convincing me.

            Do you admit that PS4 has problems maintaining 60fps. Do you understand the gpu is not the cause of it? Do you understand the cause is the CPU bottle neck. As a result of the high latency of DDR5.

            Think out it like this the DDR5 is a dump truck. It can get a lot rocks to you at once but takes a while to get there. DDR3 is like a sports car. You can only carry 1 small rock but you’ll get there way faster. CPUs only need one rock so the dump truck is a poor choice.

            Is this concept beyond you?

          • Allen

            Dude just stop. I don’t fking care!

            (1) PS4 is simply the more powerful console and obviously the majority of gamers out there agree.

            (2) PS4 frame rates are acceptable and pretty damned solid. Certainly better then Xbone.

            (3) As I keep saying nearly every single PS4 title is 1080p Native. We don’t even worry about it over here.

            (4) PS4 has far more exclusives & IMO better.

            (5) PS4 has far more timed exclusives & console exclusives.

            (6) PS4 has tons and tons of FREE exclusive content in AAA multi platform games. Xbox Just Cause (which isn’t confirmed exclusive) and Fifa free exclusive content is nothing compared to Assassins Creed, Watchdogs, Destiny, Mad Max, Batman Arkham Knight & timed exclusive COD.

            So multiplatform games not only look and play better on PS4 but you also get more bang for the buck.

            (7) Far more valuable PS+ yet costs 20% less.

            (8) Gamer features like friend spectate/take over mode & being able to freaking play a game you don’t even own damn dude. Faster downloading & faster install to play, more capable video capture & a host of next gen features they both share like instant resume, suspend, social & more.

            (9) Controller features xbone doesn’t have. Batteries, gyro, touch pad, light bar, speaker all give a more elite and immersive experience yet all inclusive $60 VS Xbone $85 (including $25 battery pack) yet lacking all those features.

            (10) Sleeker system, more power yet smaller box. Power supply included yet smaller box, well designed & still hdd accessible.

            (11) Industry leader – cutting edge – Proven reliance – Proven Quality – Proven commitment.

            You just cannot compare the two. You are trying to spout out technical details about DDR5 when it doesn’t fking matter. I’m done with pointless arguments about that shit. That’s why my primary has been console for 7 years, I’m old, I’m tired. I just want to come home and freaking game. If I were like you still I’d be PC primary like the old days but in reality this shit just doesn’t matter. I do still care sure…that’s why I have the more powerful PS4!

          • ..

            You don’t care or don’t understand.
            Let’s be honest you have no clue what you are talking about.

            So do you understand the PS4 CPU is bottle necked because of the DDR5?

            Just cause earlier you claimed the PS4 CPU is more power than the Xbox CPU which is not the case what so ever. The CPUs are nearly identical the Xbox CPU is clocked higher and has more available ram to operate.

            Or are you just going to lie more?

          • Allen

            I don’t care to understand because I don’t trust what you are saying.

            List your sources for your belief that DDR5 is a bottleneck for 60fps. Because all I see are plenty of games on PS4 that hold damn good 60fps. It may not be 100% perfect but when you are 100% 90-99% of the time I have to question your information.

            The CPU in PS4 wasn’t officially clocked and is a best guess. I do remember microsoft desperately trying to gain some parity and increasing the clock speed at the last minute but I haven’t seen any official reports guaranteeing Xbone’s is more powerful.

            You also do not know what you are talking about available ram. 1st of all from what I remember PS4’s is dynamic, the OS doesn’t always need to use the maximum amount it sometimes uses. I remember them saying up to 2gb but as little as 1gb.

            Again none of this matters. What matters is that almost every single PS4 game is 1080p. On top of that many PS4 games have more detail than their Xbone counterparts. On top of that many the big AAA multi plat have free exclusive content on PS4. On top of that PS4 has a far bigger community giving a far bigger and better ecosystem on PS4.

            Xbox cannot win in any way shape or form. You need to get off your high horse and realize Xbone lost this generation.

            That doesn’t mean it’s doomed. It just a fact you need to accept. I’m very interested in seeing the next gen. I don’t think Xbox is going to make that mistake again…then again Sony learned a valuable lesson too so we get to sit back and watch these guys duke it out over power and content.

          • ..

            I’m not on any high horse. I don’t think the xbox has more power than the ps4. I do know for sure PS4 has a fundamental design flaw that is going to be a problem as game engines become more complex.

            PS4 is officially clocked at 1.6. Xbox is officially clocked at 1.75. That is not privileged information.

            I would love to link but my posts with links will not show up. They say pending.

            Yes PS4does have flexible ram but programmers can’t depend on it.

            Did you not say the PS4 has a more powerful CPU. That is a flat out lie.

            Since you aren’t going to listen. I was eventually going to explain to you since you are a little slow.
            The Xbox CPU and DDR3 will allow for more stable frame rate. Which it has already proved. Being the only console this gen to now lock 2 games at 60 frames. Also it’s is speculated halo will be locked at 60 with dynamic resolution up to 1080p.

            The Gpu being the reason it can’t hold 1080p sometimes. I’m well aware of what xbox can and can’t do. You are living in a fantasy world if you think the ps4 is some vastly superior machine. An i3 with a 6 year old midline graphics card with 4 gb of ram can outperform a PS4

          • Allen

            (1) you can share links but you have to leave a flaw for me to correct.

            (2) I did say PS4 had more powerful CPU, that was after I remembered the Xbone clock speed. I did this just to piss you off because you keep coming at me with this arbitrary argument.

            (3) I absolutely disagree. PS4’s frame rates are better than Xbox in everything I’ve seen. Xbox has like 2 games that perform better on that system.

            (4) PS4 is definitely a superior machine to Xbone. I have a PC, you basically just described my mid range PC which I am looking to upgrade. I’m looking at spending over $1000 on a PC because Xbox isn’t worth my money.

          • ..

            I knew I could do that, didn’t think you were smart enough to figure it out

            You said it cause you don’t know and just make up lies

            Hard to disagree with facts. Xbox doesn’t drop frames nearly as much usually at lower resolution though. Only a couple now but they have closed the gap significantly and will only close it even more with DX12

            world wide web. game zone…. com/news/dx12-adding-20-performance-increase-on-pc-even-more-on-xbox-one-3423420

            PS4 has a superior GPU. That’s about it.

            Found some people that disagree with PSN being fast

            Baduoken, you can check his profile, legit poster
            Picture is me downloading Destiny update, going slow as there were many complaints the destiny severs couldn’t keep up (pics won’t work, its 49mbps)

            world wide web. dual shockers…. com/2015/09/14/five-assassins-creed-titles-coming-to-playstation-now-tomorrow/

            $1000 is nothing to spend on a PC, won’t even get a graphics card in at that price, or you’ll be running junk

          • ..

            1 final thing about how great Sony is, did you know Sony put rootkits on their music CD’s that installed DRM software on your PC that limited what you could do with your optical drive without you knowing?

            It also severely crippled PC performance and created security flaws that malware creators took advantage of creating even more PC problems. Great trusting company

            google sony cd rootkit scandal

          • Allen

            I remember the rootkit fiasco – about music, not games and I never said Sony was perfect, they are just simply the best place to play these days for me, PC and Nintendo are great too.

            Really this is just all about how Xbox isn’t worth while to me and so many others. I hope they continue to change, they are on a good path and if they keep it up they just might be half way viable some day but for now meh. The value proposition just isn’t there and they are the last people in the world I would trust.

          • ..

            You think crippling someone’s PC’s is about music? It’s about Sony illegally forcing DRM on you at the same time leaving you wide open for far worse things like potentially identify theft.

            Then Sony comes out DRM is evil and anti consumer who would support that.

            At least Microsoft was honest and wanted to work with people.

          • Allen

            (1) It was a minor thing that yeah backfired on them and rightfully so. Prob. the one and only bad thing they have really ever done. Everything else bad they have done was just from arrogance.

            (2) (A) Worthless Xbox live for 12+ years (B) Dropped orig. xbox like a bad habit (C) RROD to gain market share (D) Paywalls to basic features like browser, streaming services or basic apps (E) Stopped making exclusives for 360 years upon years before xbone launch (F) Expensive and proprietary upgrades – Controller, Batteries, adapters, HDD proprietary/expensive/limited upgrade, no wifi for 5 years add $100, only one pay to play (yeah thanks for that. At least Sony made it valuable).

            (3) Micro$oft tried to make Xbone always online or it’s a brick, kinect required or it’s a brick, DRM no game ownership. #justdealwithit, Anger towards fans, anti consumer, anti patriotic (always online or it’s a brick directly affected most military personnel).

            (4) Micro$oft has done nothing but screw people over and idiots like you just support the shit out of them regardless. You don’t care how much bad they do, you will defend those sleazy fks until your last breath.

          • ..

            You are really playing down playing opening people computers to attacks, illegally installing software, invading privacy .It was huge and illegal.

          • ..

            I find it very amusing that you still think it is a win lose thing. Which is my main reason for questioning your age and maturity. I’m guessing you “lost” a lot in highschool if you are even out yet.

          • Allen

            what is it you think I lost in high school?

            Man those were the days. First job – realized I could just go out and buy myself a PS1, did that. Had a gaming PC in my bedroom, old NES, SNES & Genesis. Soon after N64. Hot girlfriend doing dirty things on the way to and from church (and dates of course and fingering her in front of her parents on the couch with a blanket over us). Smoking weed everyday…selling weed – best damn job I’ve ever had. Cruising town, smoking people out, weighing out bags….yeah I was one of the most popular kids in town. Little red low rider with a couple of 10’s in the back going bomp bomp as I drive down the road with a sticker in the back that says Praise the Lowered.

            Good old days before the dirty xbox and legion of ignorants like you.

            There is a win lose here kid. PS4 is winning in every single territory hardware and software. PS4 has about double the install base & that’s with this being Xbox’s most popular one yet. PS4’s ecosystem, it’s hardware quality, it’s gaming features, it’s softwear line up are all superior to Xbox. If that isn’t called winning then I don’t know what is.

          • ..

            Cool story Bro. Most popular kid in town, lol
            I an’t no kid, born in 1981, selling dime bags, how cute, I’m from Vancouver BC where 1 in 4 house are lit up

          • Allen

            I was amongst most popular sure, my friends were the most popular and yeah I became very popular too especially later years of high school and thereafter – as a party guy. You were the one that asked dude all acting like I lost something lol. Oh and I called you kid because you were acting like a kid and still do with these changing of subjects. I also was born in 81′, seems you weren’t brought up with any sense though.

            Selling dime bags, how cute. I made $500/week from the weed alone and smoked minimum 1/4 a day just cruising and getting everyone baked and it was my freaking job! Too bad things like that don’t last.

          • ..

            $500/week. How cute.

          • Allen

            From the weed alone while I lived at home and going to high school! Yeah it was elite as fk!

            LMAO pwned u bitch

          • ..

            Haha. Made $1000/day back in the day. Now I make money in real estate.

          • Allen

            $1000 a day in high school. Bla ha ha ha WTFE you dumb ass douche.

          • ..

            Not in highschool.

          • ..


          • Allen

            Whatever I’m done with this conversation. I don’t believe a word you are saying and you will never engage in a proper and factual discussion. You just want to spread lies about Xbox frame rates, PS4 quality & overblow minor issues that happened over a decade ago while totally ignoring the huge problems surrounding Microsot and the Xbox One.

            Keep living in your life of denial kid. Some day you will wake up and realize how wrong you were in life.

          • ..

            Dude I’m sitting at home in front of a 65″ TV. I go to work when I want. Git boat loads of cash. Give me an email I’ll send you some pics of a real setup.

  • ?????

    But the PC guy got banned. Now we can’t see him rage quit. :^(

    • Name

      Ahhhh so that’s where that clown went? What was the reason?

      • ?????

        He went into every article about consoles and basically got in a huge fight with everyone. Eventually he got banned I guess, as his comments were deleted.
        In all honesty, this shouldn’t be a surprise. I haven’t seen him in a while.