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Stellaris: Console Edition Adds Apocalypse and Humanoid Pack June 25th

The simultaneous launch will finish off Expansion Pass Two.


Stellaris is a Grand Strategy Game of galactic proportions, but the Console Edition of the game has been playing catch-up with the PC version of the game since it dropped last year. In a couple of weeks Stellaris: Console Edition will crawl ever closer to parity with the PC when both the Apocalypse expansion and Humanoid Species Pack launch simultaneously.

Both the DLC and expansion will make contact on June 25th, completing Stellaris: Console Edition’s Expansion Pass Two. While Synthetic Dawn released little under a month ago on May 12th with Update 2.2, it was initially believed that Apocalypse and the Humanoid pack would drop separately. Like the previous Expansion Pass fans can buy each item a la carte, yet they’ll find the bundle costs less (the two DLCs and expansion cost $38 when purchased individually, but the pass itself sells for $25).

Stellaris: Console Edition is still a few DLCs and expansions short of true parity, but seeing as it took Paradox a month to finish up Expansion Pass Two I doubt the gap will remain by year’s end. That said, there remains plenty to port over, and like the PC version of the game fans will have to shell out well over $100 to grab everything. Though, who doesn’t want a planet-cracking super-weapon at the very least?

The more substantial updates will remain free, however (like Update 2.2, which brought the much improved planet and economy management systems PC players have been enjoying for over a year to consoles alongside the paid Synthetic Dawn DLC). Interested players with an Xbox Game Pass subscription can check out the game for themselves, and purchase the Expansion Passes at a discount if they like what they see. Just be warned, Stellaris is like a black hole: once you fall in you can’t escape.

- This article was updated on:June 9th, 2020

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