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Still No PC Versions Confirmed For Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3

| July 2, 2014

Still No PC Versions Confirmed For Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 News  Square Enix Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy

There has been a rumor floating around a PC version of Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 is in development. It appears Square Enix is staying quiet and denying its existence.

Freelance writer, Daniel Sims, has managed to contact Square Enix apparently. He mentioned on twitter that Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 are being developed “on DirectX 11”. He did confirm Square Enix has mentioned “no PC versions so far”. Square Enix has only announced the games will be out for the PS4 and Xbox One only for now.

Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 were first revealed at E3 2013. Sadly, they were both absent from E3 2014. Square Enix has said in the past that development on Final Fantasy XV is going well. Much better than when the game was known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. As for Kingdom Hearts 3, that game is still pretty much early in development. It’s likely that game won’t be out anytime soon.

We do know both games will not be out before March 2015 as Square Enix has said they are expecting lower game sales this year. A mid -or-late 2015 release might be a good bet for Final Fantasy XV’s release. Hopefully Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released shortly after, although it’s unlikely Square Enix will cram their release dates at the same time.

Final Fantasy XIV is the only recent Final Fantasy game released for the PC. As for Kingdom Hearts, that series has never been available for the PC.

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  • Country Boy Lucifer

    PC Master Race……

    • Wizard of Peace

      Steam just gives good deals :P

      • nororu

        Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection = 11 eurs
        Final Fantasy X/X-2 = 19 euros
        Assassin´s Creed III – Edición Clásica = 10 eurs
        FF 5,6,7 y 8 = 5 eurs
        Metal Gear Solid HD Collection = 15 eurs
        Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance = 12 eurs
        MGS3 Snake Eater HD = 7,50 eurs
        Tales of Graces f = 10 eurs
        Tales of Symphonia = 10 eurs
        Ni no Kuni = 5 eurs
        Demons Souls = 5 eurs
        Catherine = 10 eurs
        Child of Eden= 4 eurs
        Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD = 5 eurs
        HELL YEAH! La furia del conejo muerto = 5 eurs
        Mega Man 10 Complete = 10 eurs
        ICO = 10 eurs
        Shadow of the Colossus = 10 eurs
        Soul Sacrifice = 10 eurs
        Gravity Rush = 10 eurs

        are these deals bad?

        • Wizard of Peace

          No, but for what i got from the steam summer sale i made out good. I got exactely 20 games for just $46.37. Thats just great!

    • Kjell Jonas Jemt

      ff13 just got released on steam…. so about that?

    • Dave Faggot

      What do you think your precious console games are made on you dip shit?

      • Country Boy Lucifer

        I don’t really follow your logic….

        • zrex2metagor

          its not really hard to follow but maybe for a dipshit it is :) dumbass

    • zrex2metagor

      Down boy, we’ll have this soon enough. Lets see, all of the XIII are on the PC (Unfortunately, with the last part coming up soon). Type – 0 getting the PC treatment, Agito 13 coming up as well on windows 10 store as a free title. How much do you want to bet that XV is coming to the PC as well?

  • Guester

    who cares lol.

  • James Stine

    This isn’t news, he didn’t contact anyone nor did he confirm anything, he stated what we ALREADY KNOW. This site is shit.

  • qygagw wgag

    lol these so called gamer news people do they get paid for this cuz im sorry this isnt news. you ppl dont even research and observations for an in depth analysis of the game.

  • My Gawd, different site same f#&%@ing news everyday. I ask for updates on my phone regarding everything KH and FFXV related and all I get everyday is this s#!%, the same thing we’ve known for years now >_<

  • Shrek

    they will proably do it

  • Krijn van Alten

    Why is everyone surprised? We hardly know anything of these both games yet, so its not that strange we that we still don’t know if they are coming to the PC or not. And secondly, its just after the E3, not really a period with much new information so it’s not very likely that SE will give us any information sooner that the TGS. In other words: a useless article with the worst timing possible.

  • nero

    ahh as he says its never been for but its never been out for the xbox either so hopefuly they’ll spread there wings a little farther and go for pc

  • Attack of a fag army

    Go fuck yourself master race! And go fuck yourself 4th party website

    • zrex2metagor

      angsty much?

  • santrollapain66

    honestly i dont want either game to come out on pc it doesn’t seem like a good direction for square, I mean look at all the money they waste anyways. and they probably wont because most of kh fans are on consoles…they have about a chance of a pc version as a wii u version but I could be wrong, who knows.

  • Krijn van Alten

    Why do we need a PC version if we can play it on the PS4?

    • Adam

      Because some of us have a good PC, and not a PS4?

      • Krijn van Alten

        They should buy a PS4, much nicer way of playing.

        • Adam

          How so? You realize that PC games work natively with a Xbox controller, and hook right to your TV? Steam even has big picture mode for TVs to work like consoles, achievements, cloud game saves, and even has the ability to stream from one PC to another.

          PS4 gaming is not a much nicer way of playing. Its just another way of playing.

          • Krijn van Alten

            To you it’s another way of playing, to me its the only way of playing.

          • Adam

            Well that makes about as much sense as saying “Why do we need a Xbox version if we can play it on the PS4?”

          • Krijn van Alten

            Okay, ley me correct that statement: why do I need a Xbox version if I can play it on my PS4?

            Better this way?

          • zrex2metagor

            no one asked what you want, so stop blabbering about yourself

          • Krijn van Alten

            Stop reading it if your not intrested. Anyway, I have this dog, Vicky is here name, and on one day…

    • PC Master

      Don’t forget you can’t mod anything on a ps4 or XBO and your can’t write document or design you own game you can’t upload clips you can’t live stream your games. Games are cheaper on pc and you can’t beat steam steam is awesome.

      • Krijn van Alten

        I don’t need to mod, I don’t need to write documents of to live steam. I want to game. That’s the reason that it’s called a game you know.

        • Prime

          that’s what i called uncreative

          • Krijn van Alten

            Good to know.

  • RadApples

    Although I would like both of these games on PC I won’t be upset if they aren’t. I may not be able to achieve the same resolutions and framerates but I’ll take a good Final Fantasy on any platform at this point.

  • Anthony Cramer

    How do you contact Square Enix and ask for FFXV PC version. Maybe if enough people demand for it they will make it