Stonehearth Alpha 10 Test Build Now Available

by AOTF Staff

Radiant Entertainment has just released a test build for Stonehearth Alpha 10, the patch which will bring in content such as multi-story buildings and water.

Now available from the Steam Latest Branch feature, the test build for Alpha 10 allows keen gamers to help the developers bug test new content before it is officially released. This process has been used for the past few Stonehearth alpha releases and has had a positive influence on the game development. Casual gamers are able to enjoy a version of the game which is more stable and those with more patience for bugs can jump into new content, whilst expecting potentially game breaking bugs to still be present.

Alpha 10 brings in the first version of water and is currently only there to make the game world more believable. Lakes will form and water will react if voxels are removed but the simulations are still to be improved. Rivers, swimming and even using water as a resource are all planned features but have yet to make it into the game.


Above is a screenshot released by Radiant Entertainment of a multi-story building built by one of the developers, on their miniature testing world, using the new Alpha 10 build. Alongside the screenshot the team confirmed players will eventually “be able to control how you want the stripe between stories to look.”