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Street Fighter 5 Adds Sagat, G; Out Tomorrow

The king and president make their debut.

by Jelani James


As expected, Capcom, during EVO 2018, announced the latest addition to Street Fighter 5. However, it didn’t stop at confirming the arrival of just one character, and announced the coming of two — Sagat and G, both of whom are due out later today.

Sagat is a character who needs little introduction, being one of the most popular characters in the entire Street Fighter franchise ever since his fateful showdown with Ryu back in the original game.

As evidenced by his trailer, he retains many of his original techniques such as Tiger Shot, Tiger Knee and even Angry Charge. From a cursory glance, it appears his first V-Trigger, Tiger Charge, allows him to use powered up versions of his regular specials (it’s unclear if its for a set amount of time or certain number of moves), while his second V-Trigger, Tiger Assault, seemingly powers up his kicks (or gives him new ones) — which makes sense given his title as “Emperor of Muay Thai,” allowing him to even break through guards after charging up for a brief period of time.

Meanwhile, G, the self-proclaimed “President of the World,” is an all-new character in the Street Fighter universe. He apparently wants to unite the citizens of Earth under his name, but since there’s nothing known about his background, it’s difficult to know his true intentions.

In-game he utilizes something called “Presidentiality” which increases in strength whenever he charges energy mid-battle, increasing the strength of his innate abilities and granting access to new combos. His V–Triggers, Maximum President and Dangerous President look cool, but without any information on even his regular moves, I wouldn’t dare trying to figuring out what they do.

Sagat and G are the final two characters coming to Street Fighter 5 as part of its Season 3 DLC. Both will available individually for $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money, or as part of the Season 3 Character Pass for $29.99, which also unlocks Sakura, Blanka, Falke, and Cody. Using a purchase method other than Fight Money will also grant access to their Battle Costumes with colors 3-10 and default costume colors 3-10.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Check out the reveal trailers below:


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