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Street Fighter 5 Is Getting A Halloween Update With Holiday Themed Costumes & Stage

by Dean James


October is now upon us and that means that Halloween is fast approaching, which has plenty of people in the festive mood. In honor of the holiday, Capcom has put together some special Halloween themed DLC for Street Fighter 5 that is coming next week.

As revealed on the Capcom-Unity blog on the Capcom website, Street Fighter 5 is going to be getting a number of premium costumes for characters, as well as a special stage that are all themed around Halloween.

The blog post does not specify how many costumes there will be available, but going by the images provided that you can see above and below, it looks like we’re getting eight of them.

In addition, the Halloween stage is actually a reworked version of the existing Russian stage, though with plenty of jack-‘0-lanterns, candles, and more.

Each of the premium costumes will cost $3.99, and will come with colors 1-10 included, while the “new” stage will cost $1.99 or 40,000 in Fight Money.

These new costumes will be available starting next week on October 11 and will only be available until November 29. It’s always possible they could be brought back next year for Halloween, but considering this is a limited time, I would definitely pick them up before they are possibly gone forever.


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