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Street Fighter 5 Likely To Have Extra Costumes As DLC Down The Road

by Damian Seeto


Capcom may have hinted in a new interview that additional costumes will eventually come to Street Fighter 5 as DLC.

IGN had a chance to interview Matt Dahlgren who is the director of marketing and eSports for Capcom. They talked more about Street Fighter 5 at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con event.

IGN asked him a question many fans have been wanting to know. That question is if extra costumes will be available for players to choose in the new game.

Dahlgren said “of course“. He then gave Street Fighter 4 as a prefect example of this as that game had loads of new and extra costumes for players to choose from.

He even specifically said Capcom might be thinking of adding a Classic Ken “in the pipeline at some point“. Ken was revealed a few days ago and some gamers didn’t like his new look.

Ken is the only character in the game that looks vastly different. Everyone else confirmed so far look like their old counterparts. This is a great option however for players that like to have a bit of variety. A character like Ryu has had the same outfit for nearly 30 years now…

Street Fighter 5 releases on PS4 and PC from Spring 2016.

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