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Surprise, Ken is Coming to Street Fighter V and He Looks a Bit Different

by William Schwartz


The Street Fighter panel at San Diego Comic Con 2015 has revealed that series mainstay, Ken, will return for Street Fighter V. While that’s not at all surprising, the long-running character has a brand new look.

Ken looks somewhat different with a new hairstyle from what he has had in previous games, but judging by the trailer below his moveset will remain familiar to fans. The PlayStation Blog outlined a couple of Ken’s moves for Street Fighter V — this includes a Quick Step that allows him to instantly close the distance on his opponent and the Heat Rush, where Ken channels flames through his entire body for a short period of time.

You can check out Ken in the character trailer below.

Street Fighter V Ken Trailer

Street Fighter V is slated to arrive in Spring 2016, but PlayStation 4 players who pre-order the game will have automatic access to a 5-day beta starting on July 23rd. Those who don’t want to pre-order can still sign-up for the beta at the game’s official website.

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