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Street Fighter 5 Has Shipped Over 1.4 Million Copies So Far


Capcom has revealed today that it has shipped over 1.4 million copies of Street Fighter 5. Shipments include copies for the PC and PS4 versions of the game.

The 1.4 million figure also includes digital downloads. The figure only counts shipments as of March 31st, 2016. This means the game shipped over 1.4 million copies in roughly 6 week’s time since it came out worldwide on February 16th, 2016.

Total sales of the entire Street Fighter franchise has now notched over 38 million units. The popular most iteration of the game is still Street Fighter II as that game shipped over 6.3 million units back in the ’90s. This is followed by Street Fighter II Turbo shipping over 4.1 million units.

One has to wonder if sales would have been higher if Street Fighter 5 would have been released on Xbox One. Capcom and Sony made a deal to make the game a console exclusive for the PS4.

The gameplay for Street Fighter 5 was well received, but it was heavily criticized for its lack of single player modes at launch. The game had a very short Story mode and still has no basic Arcade mode yet.

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