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Street Fighter V Mod Removes Artificial Loading Times Found in Game

by Kevin Reyes


It’s no secret that Street Fighter V has a rocky standing in the gaming community. Whether it be its poor launch or poor reputation, many agree that Capcom may have dropped the ball with the latest entry in the franchise and its poor sales clearly reflect that.

But once you look past all its problems, Street Fighter V is a solid fighting game. Which is exactly why the community have decided to take on the work Capcom doesn’t want to do and fix the game themselves. One such example is how one modder managed to fix the game’s atrocious loading times.

User TOOLASSISTED released a mod that essentially improves the long loading times that Street Fighter V is known to have. However, the more interesting part of this story is that it looks like the long loading times were an intentional design choice by Capcom. How you may ask? Well according to TOOLASSISTED, to fix the game’s loading times, he just had to change a single value called Char Select UI from 60 FPS to 255 FPS.

What this boils down to is that the loading times in Street Fighter V were completely controlled by a single value in the game’s files. Something that Capcom could have easily changed with a small patch or even a hotfix. And yet they never did. So it’s either that Capcom is more incompetent than most people thought or this was an intentional move on their part.

This isn’t the first time Capcom fumbled with the PC version of their game. Just a few months ago, they released an update that introduced files that directly accessed a computer’s System32 folder which, for anyone that knows anything about computers, is an incredibly high security risk and could potentially stop a computer from working altogether.

It seems Capcom just keeps making mistakes with regards to Street Fighter V. Mistakes that the community ultimately has to fix to keep the game alive.

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