Street Fighter V’s Release Date Could Be In Spring 2016

by Damian Seeto

The release date for Street Fighter V could be scheduled for sometime in Spring 2016.

This is according to Capcom itself which wrote about PAX East on the Capcom Unity Blog. The blog post had a small piece about Street Fighter V. It said that everyone is fired up for Street Fighter V “coming to the PS4 and PC next Spring“.

A Spring 2016 release for Street Fighter V seems likely. Development for the game just started late last year. Capcom have said in the past that they have only completed around 20 percent of the game so far. This gives them well over a year to complete the rest of the game. Not to mention it’s a fighting game, so development won’t be as long as something like Final Fantasy XV.

Capcom also revealed that you can get some pretty cool looking Street Fighter V merchandise at PAX East. This includes a t-shirt with Ryu on it priced at $25. You can also get a bag for $10. If you buy both the bag and t-shirt, you will only pay $30.

Even though a Spring 2016 release date is suggested for Street Fighter V, unexpected things can happen in a year. Let’s hope Capcom sticks to its schedule so the game doesn’t get delayed.

- This article was updated on March 7th, 2015