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Super Mario Maker 2 Version 2 Update Brings New Course Parts, Master Sword and More

Fans finally get a new update for the game.

by Dean James


Super Mario Maker 2 released back in late June and brought with it many new features that were asked for by fans from the first game. This game was very well received, with one of the major flaws being fixed a couple months ago with the October update for the game by allowing players to play with friends. Nintendo has been silent about any further updates since, but now they have surprised us with the reveal of the next free update for Super Mario Maker 2 that will be arriving later this week.

Version 2 of Super Mario Maker 2 was revealed through the Nintendo UK YouTube channel in a video breaking down the new update. There is no question this will be posted to other regions soon, but Nintendo UK gave us the first glimpse.

Starting off, Version 2 adds new course parts to the game that you can place in your levels. These new parts include two new characters to add with both Spike and Pokey that can be used in any play style. Next are Frozen Coins that can be used in everything except the 3D World play style, the new P Block that can be used in any play style, and the Dash Block, which can only be used in the 3D World play style.

The last new course part is the best of all, even if it is exclusive to the Super Mario Bros. play style, which is the Master Sword. This power up is the most versatile in the game, as it actually turns you into Link. You can use the Master Sword to slash in front of you and use your Hylian Shield to block incoming attacks, as well as use Link’s down thrust attack to take our many enemies at once. Link also has his Bow and Arrow with him that you can use to shoot in the distance in three different directions and the Bomb that you can place to blow up obstacles. Having Link added to the game adds a whole new dimension to the puzzle possibilities in Super Mario Maker 2.

Version 2 also brings a new game mode known as Ninja Speed Runs, where you compete with others for the fastest time on courses created specifically by Nintendo for this mode. There are other players running alongside you in the form of Ninji Ghosts to track how you are faring in comparison to others. These stages will also be updated periodically, so you can keep coming back for more. Performing well will reward you with special Mii costumes and even a special gold star that will revolve around your Mii for a period of time if you do really well.

The Version 2 update for Super Mario Maker 2 will release on December 5, 2019. While this is from the UK announcement video, it is assumed this will likely be the same date in other regions as well, but stay tuned for more information just in case it differs.

Super Mario Maker 2 – The Master Sword, new course parts and more!

- This article was updated on:December 3rd, 2019

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