Super Mario Odyssey gets Free Hide-and-Seek Multiplayer DLC

by Kyle Hanson

Some free DLC is coming to Super Mario Odyssey, as announced during today’s surprise Nintendo Direct presentation. This new update probably wasn’t what anyone expected out of Odyssey’s first batch of DLC though. Adding in a brand new multiplayer mode, players will be able to hide balloons around the various kingdoms of Super Mario Odyssey, then other players can try to find them. This non-realtime multiplayer is pretty fresh and interesting for the series, and plays to the strengths of the fantastic Switch game.

Players will be limited to only 30 seconds of exploration as they try to hide or find the balloons. As described in the Nintendo Direct, this creates a sort of “objective based speedrun”, as you have to understand the best places within the world for the balloons to be hidden. There will be online leaderboards as well, creating a highly competitive environment as players try to best each other with their hidden balloons.

The new Super Mario Odyssey update hits this February and will also bring with it some new costumes for Mario to wear as well as some extra filters for Snapshot mode. Super Mario Odyssey was already an amazing and content rich experience, so this free update makes it that much better.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018