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Super Mario Run Gets New Friendly Run Mode

by Mike Guarino


While Nintendo had previously said that there is no additional content planned for Super Mario Run, it looks like that might not be entirely true. The company has now added a new mode to the game called Friendly Run, which is essentially a different version of the existing Toad Rally mode.

The main difference is that it is entirely free to play and does not require Toad Rally tickets in order to play it, and you also won’t be competing against other players for the highest score. Also, any items, coins or Toads that you acquire along the way will not be counted towards your public total, so think of this more as a Toad Rally practice mode more than anything else.

The catch here is that you will only be able to play Friendly Run once per day if you’re just starting the game and haven’t made your way through the World Tour mode. If you clear World One of World Tour mode then you can play it three times per day, and if you’ve cleared World Two then you can play it five times per day. This means that those who are playing the free version of the game will only be able to play once per day, as you can’t complete the first World with the free version.

While this definitely isn’t the additional content that many would hope for, the fact that it has been released hopefully signifies that Nintendo wasn’t being entirely truthful about bringing more to the game post-launch. More levels would be great, so hopefully that isn’t entirely out of the question despite what has been stated previously.

The overall download numbers for Super Mario Run continue to climb at an impressive rate, as it has now been revealed that the game has been downloaded over 40 million times since launch. Despite some issues with its price and the fact that it requires a consistent internet connection to be played, the game continues to be a huge mobile success. The game is currently only available on iOS and costs $10 for the full version, though an Android version is expected to release at some point in 2017.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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