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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Piranha Plant Release Date Potentially Leaked

Hopefully this is when you'll get your new fighter

by Kyle Hanson


Almost immediately after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hit the Nintendo Switch players began asking the most important question the game had to offer: when is Piranha Plant coming out? This first DLC character has developed a massive fanbase who are anxiously awaiting his arrival within the game. We’ve explained how to get him, but we’re all waiting for Nintendo on when he’ll actually show up. Well today saw the potential leak of the Piranha Plant release date via its official amiibo listing from Nintendo UK.

Currently listed for pre-order alongside other amiibo for new characters (for SSBU), such as Ice Climbers and King K. Rool, the Piranha Plant amiibo is showing a release date of February 15th. Given that Nintendo previously narrowed his official release to the game down to February as well, this seems to hint that the DLC will arrive on or around the same date.

Hitting a day after Valentine’s Day and on a Friday makes this all the more believable, since the timing just seems right for a release like this. Nintendo typically looks to Friday as their big release date, so get ready to learn all this fighter’s new moves either on that day or somewhat close to it.

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