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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Single Player Mode Announced

There will be single player, but it's not the biggest in the series.

by Kyle Hanson


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may be focused on multiplayer, but there will be a single player campaign of sorts. Classic Mode was just announced during today’s special Nintendo Direct presentation. Players will have to fight their way through a series of stages full of enemies. This mode won’t be as robust as some single player content from previous entries, but for fans who prefer playing alone it’s definitely more than many feared the game would feature.

Super Smash Bros. has toyed with single player in the past, mostly in the same form as what Ultimate is offering. Players face escalating challenges as they play through the campaign, fighting different characters from the game. With this being dubbed Classic Mode, it’s safe to assume things will lean heavily on the modes of the past.

What many had hoped for was something similar to the Subspace Emissary from Brawl. That game offered a full, story-driven campaign, including cutscenes. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate won’t go that far though, it seems. Instead you’ll be playing through stages and enemies that are tailored for the character you chose. This means there’s a lot to get through, if you want to experience everything Ultimate has to offer.

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