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Super Stardust Ultra Coming To PlayStation 4 Next Week

by William Schwartz


A fan-favorite release since its release on the PlayStation 3, Super Stardust has etched itself into PlayStation fans hearts. Now a release date has been given to the much anticipated Super Stardust Ultra on PlayStation 4. Fans can expect the title next week, on February 10th.

New information about the title was released earlier today on the PlayStation Blog. Fans can expect an array of new modes and features to make Super Stardust Ultra on PlayStation 4 that much more special. Players will take on five newly designed planets, and nine different modes in Super Stardust Ultra. One of the new modes is Blockade, that has pilots flying through a meteor storm while your ship continues to drop mines behind itself making every move important. The catch is that mines can explode if they collide with debris, so they can be used to your advantage.

Super Stardust Ultra has also implemented an interactive streaming option on the PlayStation 4 which allows viewers to vote to either help, or hinder the streamers experience. A few examples given were viewers calling in an onslaught of enemies or offering a care package to help. Check out the launch trailer below.

Super Stardust Ultra is set to release on February 10th on PlayStation 4 for $12.99 and will offer 20% off for PlayStation Plus subscribers for one week.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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