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Superman Mods Inspired Just Cause 3 To Have Wingsuits And More

by Damian Seeto


Crazy mods created in Just Cause 2 inspired Avalanche Studios to take things over the top in Just Cause 3.

Angry Joe interviewed Francesco Antolini who is the Senior Designer for Just Cause 3. The first question asked was what inspired Avalanche Studios to make this game very crazy.

Antolini said their inspiration came from players doing stunts in Just Cause 2, reading comments from fans and “crazy ideas that were coming from the mods“. A combination of these things helped them come up with ideas for gameplay features for Just Cause 3.

One thing that the mods inspired was the wingsuit in Just Cause 3. Antonlini said the winguit was inspired by people making Superman mods in Just Cause 2. Angry Joe (a known Superman fan) thanked Antolini for adding wingsuits to the game.

He also mentioned the game is very fun to play, but it’s also “a fun game to make“. It’s great to hear that Avalanche Studios are enjoying making a game that’s not afraid to not take itself too seriously.

Antonlini also said they will still support the modding community for Just Cause 3. If you have any other crazy ideas, you may inspire Avalanche Studios to add them in future games.

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