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Surgeon Simulator: ER Hits PlayStation VR Today, Vive Next Week

by Kyle Hanson


The Surgeon Simulator series has dabbled in VR gaming before, with a short, but enjoyable collaboration with Team Fortress 2. Now developer Bossa Studios is going all in on virtual reality, with the release of Surgeon Simulator: ER. The game hits PS4 and PlayStation VR today, with an HTC Vive version coming on December 5th.

The announcement reads “Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality transports you into some of the most unlikely and unsanitary surgeries possible, where you can perform all of you favourite procedures from the critically acclaimed original . . . now with your OWN TWO HANDS! This is one surgical experience you won’t forget!”

Surgeon Simulator: ER will feature all of the original surgeries featured in the first game. Along with that will come some VR exclusives. “How about brain surgery in the dark? Fancy some new achievements? What about a 2nd hand to perform surgery?! It’s all here for you in Surgeon Simulator: ER!”

Surgeon Simulator has sold over 3 million copies across its many platforms. The game never took itself too seriously, allowing for a large following to develop on YouTube. One of the series’ staples is that the controls are very wonky. Players actually control each finger on a single hand, when playing on PC at least. This has led to some very humorous control issues, with players loving every second of them.

It will be interesting to see how the game translates this to VR. Of course, this won’t have full hand tracking, so you’ll still be doing some odd movements. Still, being able to directly control, in 3D space, the placement of your hand will definitely make for a more streamlined experience. Whether that will make for a better game is anyone’s guess right now.

Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality hits PSVR today and HTC Vive on December 5th.

Surgeon Simulator ER – PSVR Trailer

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018